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LOVE Provides Bittersweet Cautionary Tale

By most accounts, Robert Indiana is ambivalent about his career as an artist. Perhaps his most famous work is LOVE, the iconic motif consisting of the letters L and O stacked atop V and E.  All success aside, the proliferation of unauthorized copies emblazoned on countless trinkets and souvenirs made Indiana appear overexposed and commercialized relative to his Pop Art peers, according to at least one New York Times article. Indiana was unable to stop the swell of knock-offs because the work was not properly copyrighted. Today, Indiana feels that it prevented him from gaining critical recognition as an artist.

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Firm Associate Jason LaCosse Presents CLE to Florida Bar’s Business Law Section

Firm associate Jason LaCosse was invited to present a Continuing Legal Education course to the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar in Orlando on January 22, 2014. The CLE course focused on “Intellectual Property Protection for Software and Apps” and involved a discussion of several software-related cases currently pending before the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court.