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New Canadian Trademark Law Creates Urgency to File Canadian Trademark Applications

If you have not registered your trademark in Canada, now is the time. Our northern neighbor will soon implement a massive overhaul to its Trade-marks Act, pursuant to 2014 legislation that has been on hold pending the adoption of corresponding regulations. Among other things, use of a trademark in Canada (or anywhere in the world, for that matter) will no longer be a prerequisite to ownership and enforcement of a Canadian trademark registration. The race to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will be open to competitors, squatters, and trolls whose intent may be to re-sell trademark rights at a profit, interfere with a legitimate trademark owner’s ability to use a trademark in Canada, and possibly even demand a ransom at the border for importation of genuine goods. Filing a Canadian trademark application now, even if only defensively for future market expansion, should be given serious and immediate consideration.


Malloy Memorial Scholarship

The partners of the Firm were pleased to offer their comments to the University of Miami School of Law on the candidates for this academic year’s recipients of the John Cyril Malloy Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Intellectual Property Law. With such fine law students pursuing IP law, the future is certainly bright in our field!  Donations to the scholarship can be made online at:

(select ‘Other’ on the Designation dropdown and type-in: Malloy Memorial Scholarship).

USPTO Launches Pilot Program for Cancer Immunotherapy Applications

The USPTO recently introduced its initiative to “fast track” patent applications which cover immunotherapies for cancer. The program is designed to support the White House’s National Cancer Moonshot, which aims to eliminate cancer with a $1 Billion call to arms to find new therapies and techniques for prevention. Eligible applications will be prioritized for examination, and, once accepted into the program, applicants can expect to receive a final decision in one year or less.