March is National Women’s History Month. Women have been instrumental in shaping the story of technological America. Their ingenuity, resilience, and willingness to challenge old norms has played an integral role in American innovation and technology.

 Accordingly, many women inventors have been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (“NIOF”) for their remarkable work. Most notably, some of these include Stephanie Kwolek, the inventor of Kevlar™ (US Patent 3,819,587); Elizabeth Hazen and Rachel Brown, the inventors of Nystatin™ (US Patent 2,797,183); Patsy Sherman, the inventor of Scotchgard™ (US Patent 3,574,791); Hedy Lamarr, the inventor of the secret communication system used by Allies in World War II (US Patent 2,292,387); July Newmar, the inventor of pantyhose (US Patent 3,914,799); and Mary Anderson, the inventor of windshield wipers (US Patent 743,801).

Furthermore, the United States and Patent Office (“USPTO”) has proudly marked the achievements of these extraordinary women inventors and many more like them. As such, in efforts to recognize the continuing strength of American innovation contributed by women inventors, in lieu of this month, the Office plans on inducting a few other women in the NIHOF.

In addition, the NIOF and the Museum at the USPTO have collaborated to hold a special “Women of Innovation” exhibit in Alexandria, VA to recognize the outstanding work of the women inventors.