Tuesday, 13 April 2021 11:51

Update on Nike v. MSCHF: “Satan Shoes” Lawsuit Settled

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Just two weeks after Nike filed suit against MSCHF over its Satan Shoes, the parties settled in the shadow of a preliminary injunction forbidding MSCHF from fulfilling any orders of the allegedly infringing sneakers. The Eastern District of New York found that Nike showed a substantial likelihood of success on “at least some” of its claims, specifically that “MSCHF’s actions are likely to confuse, and likely are confusing, consumers about the origin, sponsorship, or approval of MSCHF’s goods” and are “likely to dilute and tarnish Nike’s marks.” The injunction also bars MSCHF from using Nike’s marks, including the “SWOOSH”, in advertising and on any confusingly similar products. Additionally, in an effort to remove the Satan Shoes from circulation, Nike has reportedly asked MSCHF to initiate a voluntary recall to buy the sneakers from consumers at the original $1,018 price point.

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