Recently, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection named Dead Trademark Agglomeration launched on OpenSea, the NFT marketplace valued at $1.5 billion. This collection claims to be the “first and only NFT collection dedicated to collecting and preserving unique dead trademarks. Each NFT is based on actual historical U.S. trademark records from a past trademark registration.” This collection gives owners the “chance to stake a claim to a unique part of history”, but ownership “does not confer or assign any trademarks rights.” Accordingly, purchasers of these NFTs would simply own a screenshot of a dead trademark on the Principal Register, presumably taken from the USPTO platform, as a digital image file.

To date, the Dead Trademark Agglomeration collection consists of 135 NFTs owned by 112 users. The current floor price stands at 0.01 ETH, which roughly amounts to $43.00. Some of the dead trademarks for sale include FLEXY PUZZLE, RIB TICKLERS, POURMASTER, and TOWN CRIER. There is also a higher priced, limited “Meta Collection” comprising of ten dead trademarks incorporating the word META.