Evermore Park, a fantasy theme park based out of Utah, recently filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift alleging trademark infringement.  According to documents filed in the Utah District Court, Swift’s new music album entitled “Evermore” allegedly infringes Evermore Park’s trademarks and dilutes the fantasy park’s brand.  The theme park’s chief executive officer claims that over $37 Million has been invested “into the creation and promotion of Evermore Park and the EVERMORE trademarks,” that over 140,000 guests have visited the park since 2018, and that the park has “commission the creation of two original music scores that Evermore sells under the EVERMORE trademark through a variety of outlets, such as Apple Music.”  Attorneys representing Swift have denied the park’s allegations, contending that the trademark claims are baseless for several reasons, including that according to Swift, the “TAYLOR SWIFT EVERMORE ALBUM” mark is dissimilar in terms of appearance, sound, connotation, and commercial impression, and that consumer confusion is unlikely to exist.