In a world where people use copious amount of time searching for things online via search engines, curiosity begs to know what are people really searching for when it comes to particular nations. took this curiosity by the horns and investigated deeper. Unsurprisingly, their results revealed that every nation yielded unique results, some as expected and some rather perplexing. For the United States, in particular, the object word “patent” was the most google searched word in 2015 so far.

In April 2015, as part of their mission to find out what people around the world are really curious about virtually,, a cost estimating website constructed a formula to investigate what people were were really searching, especially in relation to each country in the world. As part of their research, they used the autocomplete formula “How much does * cost [x country] into Google search engine. As such, Google autocomplete results were predominantly based on the time of the search, searcher’s history and the location of the search.

As it was revealed, when it came to the United States, people were highly curious about patents, and more specifically, how much does it cost to obtain a patent in the United States.

Other notable searches for each nation that people were googling the most about were:

How much a camel costs in Egypt

How much a BMW costs in Germany

How much a watermelon costs in Japan

How much a coke costs in Taiwan





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