Personal Audio LLC, a patent troll has recently been flourishing in its efforts of collecting huge royalties from podcasters all across the United States. Its patent claims to have invented “episodic content” transmitted over the Internet, including video content. The infamous podcasting patent was infringed by media giant CBS.

A Texas federal jury found that all four claims of the patent were infringed by CBS.  It awarded Personal Audio LLC $1.3M in damages despite CBS’s claim that the podcasting patent was invalid. This award was lesser than the $7.8M Personal Audio LLC had reportedly demanded.

The verdict comes closely after comedian Adam Corolla personally fought against Personal Audio LLC in a legal battle to an apparent stalemate, albeit failed to invalidate the patent.

Now that the patent has been validated again by the Texas federal jury in the lawsuit against CBS, Personal Audio LLC would be free to move forward in its pending suits against other media giants like NBC and Fox.