Yellow Pages Group appealed from a $123,000 judgment entered against it, in favor of Yellow Pages Photos following a jury verdict in a copyright infringement trial in district court. Yellow Pages Photos cross appealed, raising several claims of error. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit affirmed the district court’s denial of Yellow Pages Group’s renewed motion for a judgment as a matter of law and also concluded that Yellow Pages Photos arguments on cross appeal lacked merit and thus did not warrant a new trial on damages.

The court concluded that Yellow Pages Group met the requirement of standing to litigate this controversy, as it had a concrete and actual interest in avoiding a judgment being entered against it on Yellow Pages Photos copyright infringement claim. Furthermore, the evidence supported that there were sufficient facts at trial to support a finding of willful infringement based on Yellow Pages Group’s reckless disregard for the possibility that it might be infringing on Yellow Pages Photos copyrights.

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